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MacGregor and MacDuff

What does your business do?

MacGregor and MacDuff are primarily kilt makers but also manufacture various tartan jackets and accessories. They sell and hire out kilts and have registered their own tartan.

How long has the business been running?

The company began in 1979 and was bought out in 2002 by three brothers.

How many people do you employ?


Where is the company based?

Kinning Park with stores in Glasgow City Centre and West End.

How did the business get started?

MacGregor and MacDuff began in 1979 on Bath Street in Glasgow as a joint venture between Scottish Kiltmaker Mr. MacGregor and American businessman Mr.Scollin. Mr. MacGregor had been making Kilts and Tartan accessories while Mr.Scollin was looking to start a new retail business in Glasgow.

In 2002, three brothers in their early twenties bought out the business. The brothers have grown the business and brought it back to its roots by opening a manufacturing unit and tailoring department for bespoke kilts and jackets. The kilt making skills taught by Mr. MacGregor are still being used to this day.

What support has the company received?

  • Business Growth Adviser (Grieg Sinclair) one-to-one support for the last two years
  • Strategy support – marketing and international support. Marketing – expert support, branding, social media strategy
  • Scottish Manufacturing Advisory Service (SMAS) from Scottish Enterprise – recommended by Greig Sinclair
  • Scottish Development International (SDI) – trade visit to New York
  • Glasgow Guarantee – hired 3 members of staff and have 4 live vacancies at present
  • Organisational development review – shop strategy, customer care and roles of management

What is the company's biggest achievement?

In 2009, to celebrate 30 years of traditional Kiltmaking, MacGregor and MacDuff launched its first registered Tartan called the Silver Mist, this tartan along with future productions puts the company at the forefront of the Kilt Industry.

What are the company's plans for the next 3 years?

MacGregor and MacDuff are looking at internationalisation over the next few years. The business is also looking at developing or sourcing new products.

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