Workplace Innovation Workshop - People
Event Location
Tontine, 20 Trongate, G1 5ES
Event Start
21 April 2017 , 10:00
Event End
21 April 2017 , 13:00
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An interactive workshop that will help you shape a new approach to the people in your organisation.

People are the most important asset your business has. They can help you deliver the results you need through increased productivity and effectiveness.

Developing an innovative approach to your people can help your organisation develop the capacity to increase revenue as a result of your workforce’s improved performance.

All of this is possible by learning about people approaches that have been used, tested and proven within a range of organisations small and large.

What could you do differently to set yourself up for success?

During this workshop, we'll encourage you, where appropriate and relevant within your organisation, to do things differently.

Different doesn’t mean difficult – in fact, often the simplest of solutions are best, especially when it comes to people.

In this fun and interactive workshop we will look at ways you can:

  • Recruit a diverse workforce and enjoy the benefits they bring through various backgrounds, skills and experiences
  • Develop communication that is effective and helps build trust
  • Involve and engage your workforce so that their contribution becomes an active part of the success of your business
  • Develop your workforce to ensure they have the skills you require for the future and you retain the talent you need to grow

This workshop series will provide you with a suite of tried and tested tools and ideas that have been successfully implemented in other organisations.

An informal session designed to help you learn from each other, the content is designed to be helpful and practical, with a strong element of action planning attached to each session.

Not only will you learn a lot, you will be giving yourself valuable time away from your business to think and identify small and sustainable changes you can make to grow.

The Workshop Innovation workshop series include three workshops (people, place and practice) and you are welcome to attend all three or an individual event.

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