Workplace Innovation Workshop - Workplace
Event Location
Tontine, 20 Trongate, G1 5ES
Event Start
19 May 2017 , 10:00
Event End
19 May 2017 , 13:00
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Breakfast bowls with your name on them? Games of pool at lunch? Regular staff outings?

Lots of companies are getting smarter about the work environment they create for their people to help foster creativity and productivity.

We all spend a large portion of the week at our place of work – it should be a comfortable space. What if you could adopt some of the innovative ideas that other organisations have tried to help them attract and retain top talent.

You may not have a ‘Fruit Towers’ headquarters like Innocent yet, but you can still adopt some key workplace practices to help you foster a culture of collaboration, productivity, and belonging.

During this workshop, we’ll encourage you to think innovatively about the atmosphere, surroundings and culture you create at your place of work. Ranging from simple gestures to larger shifts in environment, the ideas shared during this workshop are sure to inspire you to get creative in the office.

In this fun and interactive workshop, we’ll look at ways you can:

  • Create a workspace people want to come to every morning
  • Develop a culture that fits with your businesses core values and allows you to achieve the vision you’ve mapped out
  • Foster a natural sense of collaboration amongst your people
  • Successfully navigate and integrate appropriate IT solutions to improve productivity and growth

This workshop series will provide you with a suite of tried and tested tools and ideas that have been successfully implemented in other organisations.

An informal session designed to help you learn from each other, the content is designed to be helpful and practical, with a strong element of action planning attached to each session.

Not only will you learn a lot, you will be giving yourself valuable time away from your business to think and identify small and sustainable changes you can make to grow.

The Workshop Innovation workshop series include three workshops (people, place and practice) and you are welcome to attend all three or an individual event.

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