A Beginner's Guide to Intellectual Property (Jan.2)
Event Location
Mitchell Library, North Street, G3 7DN
Event Start
23 January 2020 , 15:00
Event End
23 January 2020 , 16:30
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Intellectual Property (IP) is protection for creativity and innovation. An understanding of IP and its protection is important for anyone with an idea, whether it’s an invention, design, brand name, literary work or a song. This session will give you the knowledge to identify the IP assets contained within your business and how best to protect them.

Did you know?

96% of UK businesses do not know the value of their Intellectual Property Rights

Intellectual Property (IP) is an important and often undervalued asset. Effective management of your IP assets can yield many benefits including income generation through licensing, sales and/or commercialisation of IP-protected products or services.

This session will cover the following

  • IP defined
  • The importance of IP
  • The four main types of IP protection
    • Patents
    • Design rights
    • Trade marks
    • Copyright
  • Hints and tips
  • Useful links & contacts