Art of Possible: Future of Arts and Entertainment
Event Location
The Lighthouse, 11 Mitchell Lane, G1 3NU
Event Start
11 July 2019 , 13:00
Event End
11 July 2019 , 17:00
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Calling all Design Thinkers, Creatives, Technological Innovators, Scientists and Civic Entrepreneurs!

The award winning event series Art of Possible is back with a new series of inspirational events & workshops that bring together Scotland’s creatives, policy-makers and STEM professionals to consider civic uses for the regions’ world-leading emerging and enabling (E&E) technologies.

The third event in our “Future of…” series will explore the arts and entertainment sectors. From music and broadcast to design and fashion, the creative industries are undergoing a radical transformation. Advances in artificial intelligence, immersive technologies and blockchain are opening up new avenues for creativity and user experience like never before.

At '...Future of Arts and Entertainment', we will hear from a variety of creative leaders on how industry must adapt, open the doors for cross-sector collaboration, and harness the power of disruptive technologies for the benefit of the sector and society. In the process, the event will introduce you to a group of ground-breaking and inspirational creators, innovators and knowledge experts in Scotland, working to drive the diffusion of disruptive technologies in the arts and entertainment sectors.