Resources to Support Sustainable Business (Aye Write 2020)
Event Location
Mitchell Library, North Street, G3 7DN
Event Start
28 March 2020 , 10:00
Event End
28 March 2020 , 11:00
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Learn more about sustainable and socially responsible business and how the Business and IP Centre Glasgow resources can support start ups

About this Event

To complement Aye Write’s ‘Spice Up to Cancer’ event with Ryan Riley on Saturday 28th March and ‘The Accidental Social Entrepreneur’ event with Grant Smith on Sunday 29th March, BIPC Glasgow is running this free workshop to highlight resources for anyone thinking about starting a socially responsible or sustainable business.

This workshop will explain the social enterprise business model and how to make best use of free resources at Business & IP Centre Glasgow to support sustainable businesses, from researching business ideas and factsheets to market research and funding.

Resources covered include:

COBRA – An easy to use and clearly written database providing hundreds of small business idea guides as well as practical how-to factsheets. The guides cover everything from understanding legal structures to support for social enterprise.

ProQuest ABI/Inform – This database features key journals and reports with its international coverage giving a complete picture of sustainable business research and trends around the world.

IBIS World – Comprehensive collection of Industry market research and risk ratings. Covers supply chain, key success factors and barriers to entry. Also includes UK Brexit Impact statements.

Funds Online – Database giving details of potential funds based on options such as type of organisation, location and beneficiaries.

This workshop will guide you through these resources and more and give you the opportunity for some hands on practice. It will also cover where to find external support for help with areas such as development, finance, learning, policy and networking.