Workplace Innovation – Creating the best workplace to help stimulate growth
Event Location
Connect 3 Studios, 4 Rogart Street, G40 2AA
Event Start
18 February 2020 , 09:30
Event End
18 February 2020 , 13:00
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Just a 5% increase in productivity would add £6.4 billion to the Scottish Economy!

One of the major ways to improve output and efficiency in your business is through Workplace Innovation, which is change driven by the people within an organisation to develop new, improved ways of working.

In this exciting and interactive workshop on the theme of creating the right working place we will look at ways you can:
• Create a workspace people look forward to coming to every day
• Develop a culture that fits with your business’ core values
• Foster a sense of collaboration and encourage open innovation
• Successfully navigate and integrate appropriate IT solutions to improve productivity and growth

Exercises we use to explore this includes case studies of what other companies have done with their space, and discussions around how working environments can affect how you work day to day. We also explore online applications businesses are using which are having a huge impact on how they operate and creating the right culture for your business.

The workshops are practical in nature and at the end you will have at least 1 action/idea you can take away and develop in your own business.

These workshops are suitable for business leaders within growing businesses in Scotland who are presently dealing with issues relating to leadership, staff engagement and culture.