Workplace Innovation – Place
Event Location
The Garment Factory, 10 Montrose St, G1 1RE
Event Start
06 November 2018 , 09:30
Event End
06 November 2018 , 13:00
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Organisations are becoming more aware of the environment they create for their workforce to foster creativity, motivation and productivity.

We spend a large portion of the week at our place of work. What if you could adopt some of the innovative ideas entrepreneurial organisations have used to help them attract and retain some of the top talent out there?

During this workshop, we will encourage you to proactively think about the atmosphere, surroundings and culture you create at your place of work. Ranging from simple concepts to larger shifts in environment, the ideas shared during this workshop are sure to inspire you. They will make you want to review your workspace, whether that is an office, manufacturing plant or shop floor.

In this fun and interactive workshop, we will look at ways you can:

  • Create a workspace people want to come to every morning
  • Develop a culture that fits with your business’ core values and allows you to achieve the vision and success you have mapped out
  • Foster a natural sense of collaboration
  • Successfully navigate and integrate appropriate IT solutions to improve productivity and growth

This workshop is part of the innovation series of workshops. There are three types of workshops in the series (people, place, practice). You are welcome to attend all three or just one event.

This workshop series will provide you with a suite of tried and tested tools and ideas that have been successfully implemented in other organisations.