Building Scotland Fund

The £150 million Building Scotland Fund is a precursor to the Scottish National Investment Bank. It will focus on housing, modern industrial and commercial property and business-led research and development projects.

Building Scotland Fund objectives

Investment by the Building Scotland Fund will support:

  • unlocking housing development across all tenures
  • the development of modern industrial and commercial property
  • business-led research and development projects with a reasonably realistic prospect of commercialisation

Additionally, the Building Scotland Fund seeks to:

  • encourage innovation and collaboration
  • provide a catalyst for skills development and innovation across the construction sector; and
  • increase jobs and employment in construction. 

Eligibility criteria for the Building Scotland Fund

The Fund is open to non-public sector organisations (including but not limited to):

  • businesses
  • housing associations
  • universities

The minimum Building Scotland Fund investment in a single project is likely to be £1 million or above although we retain discretion to consider applications under this amount.  

There will be a focus on projects and investments that support inclusive growth, reduce carbon and sustain and create places in line with the proposed vision of the Scottish National Investment Bank Implementation Plan

For more information on the Building Scotland Fund and how to apply see: Building Scotland Fund: how to apply