Funding to support innovation in Scotland's food and drink sector

As part of the Make Innovation Happen initiative, Highlands and Islands Enterprise and Scottish Enterprise have invested £650,000 into a new Food and Drink Collaborative Innovation Fund.

The aim of the fund is to encourage a culture of collaborative innovation by addressing key opportunities or challenges in the food and drink sector.

Am I eligible?

  • The fund is primarily aimed at innovations in products, processes or business models leading to new growth in the food and drink sector.
  • The programme is focused on small to medium sized enterprises (SMEs), within Scotland's food and drink sector.
  • Larger companies may be part of the collaboration but should have at least one SME in their project.
  • Companies must be registered in Scotland or be able to demonstrate that its principal business operation is based here.
  • Essentially, there must be a collaborative relationship between a group of companies, organisations, Scottish Higher Education Institutes or research facilities.

How to apply

Visit Scottish Enterprise website and submit an enquiry here.