Business Loans Scotland invest £30,000 in Glasgow Company to Launch Product Discovery Platform

Product Guru has developed a unique product discovery platform giving buyers and suppliers instant access to showcase and purchase products from one place.

With the initial concept beginning in January 2018, Product Guru’s discovery platform was the idea and vision of Founder and CEO, Simon Coyle. After owning a product company for several years, Simon had experienced first-hand how difficult it was for small and medium sized businesses to promote their products in front of retail buyers.

He had also experienced the difficulties that suppliers faced in reviewing their product options, due to the vast number of products being put in front of them each year. With a first-hand insight into the industry, Simon realised there was a gap in the market for a new unique platform that would make the process of buying and selling more efficient for both parties.

Suppliers can easily upload their brands and products to the platform and in turn, buyers can discover products quickly. If interested, the buyer also has the option to engage in conversation with the supplier through the platform to request more information or a sample of the product.

With a clear concept and vision in place, Simon required funding to kick start the business and successfully secured a £30,000 loan from Business Loans Scotland. The loan has enabled Simon to grow the business to the next level by successfully developing and launching the platform itself and will also help towards the creation of five new jobs, taking the total number of employees from three to eight in the upcoming months.

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