Workplace innovation workshops

Workplace innovation is an approach that can help make your business more efficient whilst creating a culture where staff are fully engaged and supported to reach their potential. It offers a number of benefits for your company - from increased innovation to higher levels of productivity.

There are three areas where workplace innovation can make a real difference: your people, workplace and business practices. Business Glasgow is working with Scottish Enterprise to deliver a new series of free interactive workshops designed specifically to help you uncover new ways of working.

The workshops, which are taking place across Selkirk, Aberdeen, Glasgow and Edinburgh, will show you how to make the best use of all your resources in each of these areas.

Get the most out of your people

People are the most important asset you have as a business because they can help you deliver the results you need. This workshop will encourage you to think about doing things differently to help your business grow. The areas it will cover include:

  • Recruiting a diverse workforce
  • Develop communication that is effective and helps build trust
  • How to involve and engage your workforce so that their contribution becomes an active part of the success of your business
  • Developing your workforce to ensure they have the skills you require for the future and you retain the talent you need to grow your business

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Think differently about your workplace

Many companies are getting smarter, and becoming more imaginative, about the work environment they create for their people. This helps encourage creativity and productivity. This workshop gives you space to think innovatively about the atmosphere, surroundings and culture you create at your place of work. It will look at how you can:

  • Create a workspace people want to come to every morning
  • Develop a culture that fits with your business's core values and allows you to achieve the vision you’ve mapped out
  • Foster a natural sense of collaboration amongst your people
  • Successfully navigate and integrate appropriate IT solutions to improve productivity and growth

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Ensure your practices are efficient

Most workplaces will have processes that need to be followed. However, focusing intensely on the process can get in the way of productivity. This workshop explores key practices you can adopt in your organisation to encourage innovation, productivity and growth. It covers four building blocks of ‘practice’ you can implement to make your organisation as effective as possible in your industry or market sector.

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View the whole list of workshops on Scottish Enterprise website.