Glasgow City Council Strategic Plan

The Glasgow City Council Strategic Plan will shape the authority's response to the cost-of-living crisis, the climate emergency and pressures on public services, as well as increasing the prosperity and well-being of citizens.

It will also ensure that Glaswegians are central to how the decisions affecting their communities are taken by the City Council.

Councillor Greg Hepburn, Business Manager and City Convener for Open Government, said the plan reflected the shared agendas across political groups in making sure residents were supported amid escalating pressures on personal and public finances.

Councillor Hepburn said: "The central and agreed message of the Strategic Plan is we have to target the needs of our citizens in the best way we can.

"It has been developed in partnership with colleagues from across political groups so we can best find the right solutions for every Glaswegian and respond to issues as they confront our city - be that the cost-of-living crisis, the climate emergency, the impacts of Brexit and the growing need for public services.

"By identifying the key challenges that our city faces, we can and must work together both within the Council and with outside partners to find the right solutions and support for every city resident."

The plan sets out four key challenges and more than 230 commitments on how all council services will help address, support, and deliver on the city's main priorities.

The four grand challenges which have been identified as the reduction poverty and inequalities, increasing opportunity and prosperity for all citizens, addressing the climate emergency and delivering a just transition, and enabling staff to deliver essential services in a sustainable, innovative, and efficient way for our communities.

In a move away from previous council plans, the City Government will revisit the plan annually to ensure it remains fit for purpose and to update commitments in line with changing circumstances.

It outlines missions that cover ambitious aims including ending child poverty, improving the health and wellbeing of local communities, supporting residents into sustainable and fair work, delivering sustainable transport, become a net zero carbon city by 2030, create safe, clean, and thriving neighbourhoods, raising attainment amongst children and young people, and running an open, well governed council in partnership with all our communities.

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