Community Business Boost Programme

What is Community Business Boost?

Community Business Boost supports new and expanding local businesses locating in the four highest SIMD areas in the city (Calton, Canal, East Centre and North East – Available at: by offering part funding towards premises costs over a two year period.

Businesses that have successfully formulated their business proposition into a clear, sustainable and viable strategy for job creation and growth are invited to make an application for funding to support the lease of a property in the city.

In addition, business advisory support is available to support businesses to submit Small Business Bonus Scheme applications for discount on Non Domestic Business Rates.

Find out if you are eligible here.

How do businesses apply?

Check if the property you wish to locate to is within one of the eligible areas
by entering the full postcode below:

Your property is eligible for the Community Business Boost!

Download the following documents:

Complete the Application Form and Personal Statement and return by post or email to:

Economic Development - Business Growth
Development and Regeneration Services
Glasgow City Council
231 George Street
G1 1RX


Process for applications

Deadline for submission is the last Friday of the month
The panel will meet on the second Tuesday of every month
You will be notified with a decision within 3 working days

Examples of dates

Deadline: 27 July
Panel will meet: 14 August

Deadline: 31 August
Panel will meet: 11 September

Sorry, your postcode is not eligible for the Community Business Boost or you have entered an invalid postcode!