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Prepare for Brexit Resources

Expert guidance and support to help you prepare your business for Brexit

Create an action plan for Brexit

Get one-to-one support through Scottish Enterprise export advisory service to help you plan ahead and assess what Brexit might mean for you. Make Brexit planning part of your overall business plan and integrate it into your operations.

Their export advisers can work with you to develop a Brexit-focused action plan. They'll help make sure you're as Brexit-ready as possible. They'll equip you with the know-how to plan for the likely consequences of Brexit.

Get started with the Brexit checklist

There are a few things you can do now to prepare your business for the UK's departure from the EU.


Traders, prepare for EU exit. In the case of a no deal EU exit, the requirements for importing to the UK and exporting to the EU will change. Click here for more information.

Events, workshops and networking

Throughout the year they will be running a series of Brexit awareness events. Explore various scenarios and get your business ready for Brexit.

They'll cover the implications of Brexit on EU trade, wider implications on international trade, as well as planning and preparation.

You'll have the opportunity to ask more specific questions related to the consequences of Brexit on your business. Learn how you can make the most of EU market opportunities.

Exploiting opportunities

The Export Bootcamp for companies new to selling into the EU could be your greatest asset.

This is a fast-paced group programme run over one to three days. It will give you the insights, the inspiration and the tools to start planning for the likely consequences of Brexit.

You'll produce a robust online export plan to drive your company’s growth. Both you and your business will be put through its paces to ensure you’re well-prepared to exploit new EU market opportunities and compete on the international stage.

Topics covered include:

  • Market analysis and market entry
  • How to make the most of international exhibitions and market visits
  • How to sell online internationally
  • International finance, contracts and logistics

Grant support for international projects

Grants are available for consultancy support to help your business plan for Brexit. We can help you identify how Brexit might impact international supply chains and your company's growth.

Examples of potential areas of support include:

  • Reviewing and optimising transport or logistics arrangements
  • Strengthening financial and currency management and mitigating against risk
  • Brexit impact scenario planning and potential outcomes for your business
  • Supply chain risks and opportunities
  • Modelling the impact of potential changes to tariffs, documentary requirements and customs clearance
  • Identifying potential staff recruitment, retention issues relating to Brexit, and any skills gaps

Find all this and more on the Prepare for Brexit website here.